Picture yourself on the beach, under a Palapa (or umbrella) listening to the gentle waves and enjoying a refreshing Palapa Azul frozen fruit or fruit and veggie bar! It all started with the idea of offering fresh tropical flavors traditionally enjoyed in Mexico, made with high quality all natural ingredients in the USA. With the popularity and success of our core frozen fruit bars achieved, we launched our SmartPops line of frozen fruit and veggie bars. They infuse the nutrition and unique flavor of vegetables with the sweetness of fruits for an unsurpassed treat for the taste buds!  


The Palapa Azul Brand

Just like our treats, the palapa provides a place to escape from the ordinary. This Mexican palm-roofed dwelling provides shade from the hot sun at the beach. Azul, the Spanish word for blue, evokes visions of the deep colors of the ocean. Relax and enjoy with Palapa Azul.